Graduate Programmes: What are our Central Services?

Over 1,000 people make up KPMG’s Central Services – and they all play a key role in our success.

Whether they’re experts in Finance, Procurement, HR, Facilities, Marketing or IT, each person in our 22 UK offices relies on them to provide crucial support. Within Central Services, we offer various programmes for you to develop specialist skills and a career in the area that suits your ambitions best.

Our central services programmes include:

  • Human Resources

    We not only want our HR services to be the best – we want our people to be the best they can be too. That’s why we look for graduates who share our passion and can develop imaginative strategies that...

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  • Marketing

    During your two years with us, you will be placed in different service areas of Marketing for varying periods of time. This will give you broad experience, improve your skills and help you make an informed decision on the direction...

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