Our People: Kristina

“It’s a really collaborative place with a good sense of community.”

Kristina joined our KPMG360° Digital Apprenticeship programme after finishing her A-levels at college.

After moving to the UK five years ago, I completed my A-levels and got offered a place at university to study Economics. Before I found KPMG’s apprentice programme, I didn’t know it was possible to get a job at KPMG without a degree.

Although university was the route everyone else was taking, I realised uni wasn’t necessary for me and took the job at KPMG when it was offered to me.

The KPMG Apprenticeship programme was a great way for me to find out what I wanted to do. You’re put on rotation at various departments across the company. I’ve chosen to pursue technology as my area of specialism as a KPMG360° Digital Apprentice, and at the end of it I’ll have a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions.

For the last year I’ve been involved in a customer due diligence project. This involves ensuring that all the different technologies can communicate with each other, and we can access all the data we need.

It’s exciting because the technology here is really progressive. We’re currently automating what we can in order to streamline our work processes. You can see the difference and it gives us more time to focus on delivering the best customer solutions possible.

In terms of training, there are lots of core learning elements that help you to understand the overall picture of technology and digital solutions. As well as this, you also have the opportunity to book onto external courses – you can choose which areas of personal development you want to pursue.

In five years’ time, I will have finished my degree and will become an Assistant Manager. I see myself here for a long time, KPMG has the resources and opportunities for you to really make a career.

“There are systems in place that ensure you’re supported. You always have regular catch-ups with managers and they take a real interest in your development.”

For me, the important thing is the environment and people. It’s a really collaborative place with a good sense of community.

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