Parents & Teachers: Teacher's story

Louise, a teacher at a Sixth Form academy.

Louise, was keen to help her students explore their career options. She knew some of them wanted to go to university after A-Levels but there were many others who wanted to enter the world of work right away. She was amazed at the range of opportunities KPMG offered for both groups. Today, she’s proud to be involved with KPMG as she shares our commitment to supporting young people from diverse backgrounds.

How did you come to hear about the KPMG Apprenticeship Programmes?

We have volunteers from KPMG at my school. They devote their time and skills to help my students develop their employability and business skills. One of those volunteers told me about the Apprenticeships opportunities. 

What has your link with KPMG achieved?

It has helped my students see that there are alternate routes to a career in professional services. Many of my students wouldn’t even have considered applying to a business like KPMG because they thought they wouldn’t be successful but that’s not the case. KPMG is genuinely interested in recruiting people of all backgrounds and academic profiles. The KPMG Apprenticeship Programmes offer my students a strong foundation on which to build a successful career in business. 

What’s been the biggest surprise of being involved with KPMG?

How accessible the programmes are for our students. The various Apprenticeship Programmes raised my students’ aspirations and ambitions, but at the same time helped them understand that it’s all about hard work and dedication. The opportunities are available – but it’s up to them to put the effort in to grab them. Watching our students being accepted onto the Apprenticeship Programmes from the very first year is a big highlight.

The opportunities are open to our students – but they really do have to work hard for them.

What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve had from a student?

Again, it’s all about the people at KPMG. Everyone my students met during the recruitment process as well as the people they are working alongside are brilliant; very friendly, open and approachable. That really makes a difference when you might be the first person in your family to work in the business world. 

How do you decide what makes for a good potential employer for your students?

Reputation and the opportunities to enter the world of work. KPMG is the best of both worlds. KPMG’s reputation as a real leader in business combined with the breadth and depth of the Apprenticeship Programmes is a winning combination. 

How, as a teacher, would you decide what makes for a good potential employer for your students?

Reputation and the opportunities to enter the world of work. KPMG is the best of both worlds.

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