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Nkoli decided to make the move from a permanent job into contracting primarily to get more flexibility. She’s been contracting for five years and is now a Team Leader in an Analyst role focusing on Know Your Customer (KYC).

“Something that appealed to me about contracting was the fact that I would be able to work from home and that this is a fast-paced environment.

My background is in KYC and I joined a newly-launched project. My IT skills enabled me to learn the systems and get my accreditation quickly. Then I was able to check the work of other Analysts which led to me being offered the Team Leader role.

“Working at KPMG is a dream come true for me. It genuinely invests in its people. In other Contractor roles I have had, it’s been simply about getting the job done. At KPMG its more than this - you have the space to learn and enhance your skills.”

I’m proud to be here. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to be, so I give my all. I came here to do my best, and it was great to be able to take on a management role and oversee the work of other colleagues.

We’re working from home, but we all bring the same level of commitment as we would if we were in the office. There’s recognition for your contribution through monthly town hall meetings as well as quarterly awards and a bigger end-of-year celebration.

We’re very much one team and everyone gets the same opportunities to thrive, regardless of whether they’re a Contractor or permanent employee."

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