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It will be important to create a compelling CV, written to support the specific job you are applying for, rather than a generic document of experience and skills. You’ll need to focus on your achievements, so spend time gathering examples that show you have the skills and qualities, but also demonstrate that you can overcome challenges and adopt different approaches.

Think about CV layout and structure – make sure it is clear, concise (ideally two pages) and easy to follow; double-check your spelling and grammar and ask someone else to cast their eye over it. We look for well-rounded people so feel free to include any achievements or interests outside of work.

Succeeding at interview tips

At interview our Hiring Managers will ask challenging questions to robustly assess your ability to meet KPMG’s expectations against: Our Values, Competencies, Skills and Experience. This is a two-way process and we would expect you to also use the experience to assess whether the opportunity is right for you.

Do your research on who we are and what we’re about – especially when it comes to things like our Culture, KPMG Competencies, Our Values and Our Firm.

This is your opportunity to sell yourself. We value diversity here at KPMG. We want you to be yourself; show us who you are as a person as well as talking about what you can do.

Feel free to ask us questions during the interview and make sure you have some questions ready – it helps to show you’re interested, and it’s a good way to show that you’ve done your research. Most of all though, it’s an opportunity to get a feel for whether we’re right for you.

There are lots of opportunities to connect with KPMG - whether it’s at thought-leadership events, content online or our social channels. We value curiosity and being connected so would encourage you to explore. Think about your own personal brand online too as it’s an opportunity to present yourself at your best.

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Applying with a disability

Need support? Let us know. We are here to support you should you require any help, advice or adjustments.


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