Our People: James

Senior Investment Manager –  Pensions

After working for an investment advisor competitor for around 7 years, James found he needed a new challenge and joined KPMG’s Pensions office a year and a half ago.

“It was a range of different things that attracted me to KPMG. Obviously there’s the reputation of quality and integrity, but I was looking for fresh perspectives and to be challenged on my own thinking. The people I met throughout the recruitment process made me confident I was going to get that – I was very impressed by the way they thought about the market.

“Since joining, the most interesting project was the chance to work on the corporate side of pensions. I was able to help the client understand investment strategy and how the risks sit in their business. Even though I’m a senior manager, it really opened my eyes and helped me develop my consulting style.

“I really like the way the teams are structured at KPMG because I didn’t want to silo myself as either a purely investment research person or a purely consulting person, but at the team here, everyone gets involved in a bit of both.

“In turn, the environment here is very collaborative and innovative. Everyone feeds into ideas, from graduates right up to partners. We’ve done some really interesting work on cash flow driven investment strategies, which is a very hot topic in the industry so to be at the forefront of it is very exciting.

“In terms of my career, I want to continue doing that sort of work: driving new propositions and winning new business for the firm. I know that the firm and my colleagues will support me and build me up to do that.

“It’s that same network of people who makes me proud to work here, because we have really excellent people in our teams who are part of a very honest culture. They’ll give you feedback and tell you where you can improve, and for me that’s really important.

“Flourishing at KPMG requires drive and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking. You can’t be afraid to ask questions.”

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