Our People: James

Security Operations Manager, Architecture

James joined KPMG after working some 10 years in the technology and security space. Specifically, he’d worked for a mergers and acquisitions firm in Chicago and London.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve developed a talent for solving some very complex technical issues and problems. One of the main reasons why I decided to join KPMG was that I was looking to step up the scale of the challenges I worked on. And that’s certainly been the case since I joined.

“Joining KPMG felt like a natural move for me. I was already providing technology and security consulting services. In fact, that’s how I learned more about Solutions & Digital, especially in terms of the type of innovative work that the division was building a reputation for. It aligned very well to my previous experience.

“In my team, we work very closely with internal business units to develop technology-enabled solutions that will solve clients' complex business problems. I’m involved in keeping these solutions safe from cyber-attacks. The technologies I get to work with are extremely varied – and increasingly so – so we have to think on our feet to deliver our solutions whilst keeping our clients’ data safe and secure.

“As a new parent, KPMG's flexible working policies make a huge difference to me.”

“I'm able to organise my work to meet my commitments which means I can be there to pick up my son from nursery almost every day. There’s a good support network here and people are very mindful of the individuals that we are. I feel that the leadership understand the importance of recognising people’s differences and making the work environment as accommodating as possible to everyone’s varying needs.

“It's an exciting time in Solutions & Digital. The uptake of our Public Cloud solutions is astounding. From an Information Security standpoint, this brings unique challenges and represents a shift in the traditional approach to security. We have a higher focus on processes, for example, particularly in terms of supplier management. We work very closely with key partners like Microsoft, Amazon and Google to provide the right levels of assurance.

“KPMG's investment in people is fantastic. I've been able to attend both internal and external training courses in additionto having access to experienced mentors within the firm. I’m supported to spend time volunteering to try and encourage more people to move into Information Security, which is great given that there’s a global shortage of talent in this field. And I’m involved inmentoring internally as part of our IT’s Her Future programme. I’ve found that really rewarding and have had really good feedback from my three mentees. It’s an amazing initiative.”

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