Our People: Latasri

Graduate Trainee – Pensions

After coming to the UK in 2010, Latasri completed her GSCEs and A-levels here before going on to study Maths with Actuarial Science at University of Southampton. She had an interview with KPMG in October 2016, and started as a Pensions Graduate Trainee at the Reading office in autumn 2017.

“Throughout my search for graduate jobs I knew I wanted to work somewhere with friendly people who I could learn from. KPMG stood out to me because it’s a company which is very people-focused. They realise students are nervous during interviews and do their best to make you feel comfortable – they aren’t scary at all.

“I’ve only just started but in my office there are so many senior people with a depth of knowledge who are willing to exchange ideas. I recently asked an Investment Manager a question and he gave up some of his lunch to explain things to me. He didn’t even really know me, but he took the time to do that. That was very kind of him to do so.

“Right now I just want to learn as much as possible, especially with there being such complex concepts in Pensions. The investment they put into graduates throughout their careers is already clear through the comprehensive feedback and support for upcoming exams I’ve had.

“Throughout the induction, our responsibility in the community was really emphasised, as well the 40 office hours a year we have to volunteer with a charity. It’s that mentality and diversity make me really proud to work here. You can find people from all over the world from all different backgrounds, and getting to work with such smart and diverse people is an incredible thing in itself.

“To get a job and succeed here, I think you have to ask yourself: Why am I applying to this specific role? Why KPMG? Do I fit into their behaviour capabilities? Can I develop with them? If it’s something you’re passionate about, they’ll see you know the field and have the right mentality to progress.”

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