Our People: Nazim

Information Security Lead, Solutions & Digital

Nazim joined us on the KPMG Graduate programme in 2005 after studying a four-year sandwich degree in Business and IT at University of Westminster. He chose KPMG because, he explains, he felt that we’d be able to help him gain a breadth of experience and a wide range of skills.

“The fact KPMG is a Big Four firm really appealed to me. Then when it came to my career, I thought joining such a huge professional services firm would give more scope for career progression. The fact that I’m still here today after 13 years just goes to show that I was right.

“Another reason why I’m still with KPMG is that there’s a lot of flexibility here. The Intelligent Working initiative means we can work from home which is great if you want to spend a day really focusing on something with no distractions. There’s flexibility in terms of our working hours too.

“In Information Security, the way we innovate is focused around how to keep information secure and how we direct and influence the people who need to do the configuration aspect. We get together as a team to share ideas – collaboration tends to lead to the most out-of-the-box thinking.

“One of the projects I’m most proud of involved working for a large financial services organisation. It was a multi-country project that was about taking customer data and putting it into the Public Cloud. It was one of the first projects of its kind. A big focus for us was changing the client’s mindset – reassuring them that we could protect their customers’ data in that environment.

“At the time, it was ground-breaking, using new technology and doing something very different.”

“My role now involves leading a multifunctional security team. That includes people who securely design and build systems, people who look at how we security test and assure those systems, and people who focus on how we securely support the systems. It’s a very broad range, plus there’s the compliance side of things which ensures we meet all the regulatory requirements. The variety here means people can move around different projects and teams and find their niche.

“Technologies we use include Varonis which is a data security solution – if you access some data and you’re not meant to, it sends out alerts. That’s a cool tool. Another example is CyberArk, a privileged access management tool. We work with leading Public Cloud providers too, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

“I’ve been a Senior Manager for a few years and am already having conversations with leaders about how I can move to a Director role. The opportunity’s there – it’s now about me demonstrating that I can hit the objectives of a Director.

“There’s a really positive culture here. That’s partly because diversity and inclusion is something that’s put into practice, not just something that’s mentioned but never delivered upon. Everyone’s able to speak up; everyone’s got a voice.”

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