Our People: Sarah

Dev Ops Engineer, CloudOps

Sarah studied Geography at UCL before joining our Solutions & Digital Graduate Programme. She’s currently working as a Dev Ops Engineer in CloudOps.

“My role here at KPMG is completely unrelated to what I studied at university. In fact, tech wasn’t really on my radar until I started going to recruitment events and there was a lot of focus on technology careers. I’d assumed my degree would mean I didn’t have the right skills, but then I did some research and realised you don’t need a tech degree to build a career in it.

“When I was looking at employers, one of the most important things for me was that I’d be joining somewhere with a big grad intake. I made so many friends when I joined and was able to build a network from the start. KPMG is known for being a great graduate employer, and it’s also recognised for supporting women and the BAME community which also made it really appealing for me.

“As well as that, I was looking for a good work-life balance. A lot of the people I knew at university were keen to go into investment banking, but I wanted a role that would mean I could enjoy my life outside of work too, and that’s definitely the case here.

“My team is really relaxed and flexible, and there are also firm-wide initiatives like summer hours. That’s where, if you’ve put the time in, you can finish early and go and enjoy the sunshine. You can really see how senior female leaders here are able to balance their careers with their families. It’s great to know that you can have both.

“There are lots of opportunities to innovate in the Cloud. There’s always something new to learn – new features being released by the main cloud providers.”

“When I first started, I was told which certifications were available and I chose AWS – Amazon Web Services. We also have partnerships with Microsoft Azure and we’ve recently built an alliance with Google. That’s another thing I like about life in this team: things are always changing and evolving.

“I’m currently working on the UK firm’s biggest tech project for a financial services organisation. It’s about empowering them to help their customers with a platform that will sit in the Cloud. The thing I like most about it is that I get to work with people from right across KPMG – consultants, developers, project managers, testers… There’s a very collaborative culture here. We all work side by side rather than being isolated in a silo environment.

“When I look back at where I was at this point last year studying Geography, I would have never imagined that I’d be doing something so different in my career. I’ve learnt so much already, and it really excites me to imagine how much I could learn in five or ten years’ time.”

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