Our People: Shiventa

Investment Consultant – Pensions

Shiventa graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Economics. After a year of travelling, he joined the KPMG Pensions team in the Birmingham office.

“When I first applied to KPMG, it was actually for a role within Economic Consulting. During the recruitment process I found out there weren’t any more vacancies so I went back to the website, found other paths that were just as appealing and got a job in the Investment Advisory team within Pensions. It just highlights the range of opportunity and the many options to choose from.

“That’s been reflected in my work here too. There are always opportunities to get involved in different projects, for example, we’re branching out in terms of the types of clients we advise. This really appealed to me so I expressed my interest to the project leader. I’m now at the frontline, helping develop that business opportunity and managing the first client we have.

“We’re all encouraged to be pro-active and to come up with new ideas of how we can win new business or deliver solutions for clients. Senior people will listen to your ideas – it’s a well-established company that has the right dynamic and culture.

“It’s a strong culture of really taking pride in your work and developing people. Ever since I joined I’ve had exposure to very senior people who take that time to build a support network for you.

“I have full confidence that if I wanted to take a different path in KPMG, I’d have a network of people who could get me there. Everyone is willing to support you to in whatever direction you want to go.

“Joining in with the societies and clubs is another great way to get to know people here. I’ve played for the KPMG cricket team, which was really good fun and gave me the chance to talk to other people and find out what they do in the business, parts of which I didn’t even know existed.

“Curiosity is key to succeeding here. Always be curious, don’t take things for granted and dig a bit deeper if you’re unsure. Question things – just because they’re the tried and tested methods doesn’t mean they’re the best ones.”

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