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You need a real business brain to thrive at KPMG. Future Ready sets out to test yours, give you hints and tips on how to develop your skills and point you in the direction of further opportunities to learn. You may even discover that you’re more of a natural than you thought.

Some call it commercial acumen, others talk about business brains. However you refer to it, the ability to spot and seize business opportunities is vital for any successful career.

Because it’s a strength we particularly look for at KPMG, we’ve developed this fun and informative tool.

Have a go at Future Ready and you’ll test your skills, learn from our hints and tips and – once you’ve finished – you’ll be invited to sign up to our Smart Network, where you’ll gain instant access to exclusive content that will develop your business skills further. You'll also be amongst the first to hear about our career opportunities.

How to seize business opportunities

Develop your business thinking and knowledge with our Future Ready quiz

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