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“Nobody is an island at KPMG. You interact with a huge amount of people.”

Meet Laura

“KPMG is a company that doesn’t just say it does good things. It goes out there and does them.”

Meet Mariana

“If you’re positive – the team sees that and the client sees that. That alone can carry you a long way.”

Meet Solveiga

Tax, Pensions & Legal

“KPMG wants you to keep your options open. The feeling that you have a breadth of opportunity never leaves you.”

Meet Rachel

“If you’re willing to work hard and ask questions, you’ll do great!”

Meet Rachel

“Having a curious mind and not taking things at face value. That’s important here.”

Meet Steven

Consulting & Deal Advisory

“KPMG want you to put forward your best and know your self-worth”

Meet Dan

“KPMG listens to its people and wants to know how to make things work better.”

Meet Hannah

“People remember the work you’ve done and are thankful for it.”

Meet Monica


“Be yourself. There’s no reason to pretend to be someone you’re not.”

Meet Mary

“I’ve picked up lots of skills and use them every day to help clients find approaches to their problems.”

Meet Toyosi

“I have a great performance manager who helps me plan out my career.”

Meet Ruzin

“If you’re eager to learn and can bring energy to everything you do, you can succeed at KPMG.”

Meet Charlotte

“To thrive here, you need to be enthusiastic and willing to learn.”

Meet Mahsa

“A key differentiator between KPMG and other companies for me is how diverse the rotations are within the Technology Delivery.”

Meet Jordan

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