Our People: Alex

Alex studied for a BSc in Biology and Anthropology & MSc in Evolutionary Anthropology at Durham University before joining our Audit department in our Nottingham office.

“When I finished my postgraduate degree, I was thinking about working in the charity sector or the NHS. However, the amount of options and lack of clarity was a bit overwhelming. I felt KPMG’s application process in comparison was clear-cut, and it offered a way to work with those kinds of bodies from a corporate perspective.

The skills that I had built during my university courses were in demand for Audit at KPMG. I was already used to data analytics and had computer analysis skills. So even though the subjects are completely different really, what I had learned at university was transferable.

I’ve been here for two years and I’ve worked across charities, housing associations and the NHS. It was what I hoped for and more. I’ve been able to engage with the sectors I’m interested in, while working in a place where my skill-set is a good fit.

There were a few factors that drew me to KPMG specifically. Firstly, they have an office in Nottingham which is where I wanted to live, and they also have offices all over the country so I can have the freedom to move later on. KPMG offer strong support networks and work-life balance options. They understand you’re a person as well as an employee.

The first week you start, you learn about KPMG itself and the basics. You get ample time to process and prepare. In Audit, I am frequently in training of some kind and I’m often working towards exams. It’s like a more varied form of university, to be honest.

One of the best things about working here is the level of feedback you receive. You’ll get it through reports, from colleagues and there is a formal feedback system too. There is a culture of recognition. Extra effort, even on small things, is recognised and appreciated.”

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