Our People: Dan

Graduate Trainee, Management Consulting

Dan joined the People and Change team, within Management Consulting shortly after finishing a French and German degree at St. Andrews University.

When I was looking for a job, I was thinking about a career that would be fulfilling. I wanted to believe in what I was doing. For me, that was all about people skills and making connections.

For that reason, KPMG stood out to me because of their Corporate Responsibility. I saw all the work they’ve done around the living wage, homelessness, educating kids and adults – and I wanted to get involved.

“I enjoy with the exposure to big clients, but it’s KPMG’s culture that really makes it a rewarding place to be.”

As a consultant, I’m always developing client relationships and helping improve their processes. We’re often able to help employees communicate more efficiently, which is really rewarding to see.

The most interesting project I’ve worked on at KPMG was tackling a global bank’s negative culture and lack of collaboration. In response, we created an online platform enabling employees to share knowledge, but also be sociable and talk across teams. People really got behind it. 

Our core consulting skills training gave me so much confidence. It was three days of solid information and practice. We learned everything from how to deliver presentations and interview people to advising companies on how to be more financially aware.

The technology in our department is vital. We use a lot of crowd sourcing and different software to help us harness all our data, and I have access to technology wherever I am.

If you want to build connections and shape your career here, you need to be driven, and it’s great that hard work, achievements and successes can be recognised and rewarded through initiatives like Encore – our internal recognition scheme. KPMG want you to put forward your best and know your self-worth.

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