Our People: Solveiga

Graduate Trainee - Audit in Glasgow

After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Aberdeen, Solveiga joined the Audit Financial Services team at our Glasgow offices.

“I had a lot of things on my mind when I was choosing a graduate job. I wanted to earn a qualification I could use, but I also wanted responsibility, opportunity to grow and travel, and a culture where the people surrounding me would be helpful and supportive.

I went to lots of company recruitment events and I found the KPMG representatives to be very friendly and approachable. I knew people who worked at their offices and they were upbeat about working at KPMG.

What clinched it for me was that the people I met were open about both the upsides and downsides of working here. That kind of honesty made me feel that the culture at KPMG was different.

Since I have no background in business, economics or accounting, I’ve done lots of training. How to deal with clients, the fundamentals of audit. It’s required me adopting a totally new mindset.

In my role I get to use KPMG’s eAudit technology platform to assist me. The platform is regularly updated so we can be assured we always have the most up-to-date systems to help us deliver our audit projects in the most effective and efficient way.

KPMG is also welcoming of my different perspective. I come at things from a different angle and managers are always keen to hear my thoughts on things. If you can see a way of doing something better, they want to hear about it.

“On a daily basis, your managers will come up to you to say thanks. The small things really count.”

It makes me feel confident to say that I work at KPMG. The reputation of the firm carries weight. Clients have faith in us that we are well trained and skilled. People on the street know the name.

When I had a chance to give back, I immediately chose to be involved in the graduate networking side of things. As a student, I found employees at company networking events so helpful. So now I can help students who are thinking about their career options in the same way. I feel like I know exactly the sort of things they are worrying about because I was in that position myself.”

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