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"One of the first things that set KPMG apart for me was the application process. It was a much more supportive process than I’d experienced before. That’s when I started to think that KPMG might be the place for me.

I’m studying for the Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration. We get loads of support, including time off to study which helps us manage our workload. I’ll be finishing my apprenticeship in a couple of months and then I’ll start thinking about where to specialise.

At the moment, I’m part of a team that supports our business. This could be anything from working with recruitment, assisting client-facing colleagues or taking on the role of the team administrator – which really allows me to get to know the work we do from the inside out.

“If you’re looking to go into a wide-ranging business role, an apprenticeship with KPMG is a fantastic alternative to university.”

I’ve been involved in quite a few things beyond my day-to-day role too – I even abseiled from the top of the KPMG building for charity!

If you’re looking to go into a wide-ranging business role, an apprenticeship with KPMG is a fantastic alternative to university. You get the right qualifications, and a head start in your career with all the experience you gain from working whilst you learn.

The best thing about working at KPMG as an apprentice is the people I’ve met. People are interested in what you’re up to and always happy to help. That’s given me so much more confidence."

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