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If you want to see what life is like as a school or college leaver at KPMG, or if you’re looking for an inside view of us as a company here in the UK and in Europe, read the case studies below for a flavour of what to expect.

  • Inaam

    KPMG360⁰ Programme

    I’ve never been one of those people who knows exactly what they want to do, and to some extent I’m still the same, but I always enjoyed Business and Economics at school and I knew I wanted to pursue a career somewhere in business. With the rotational aspect letting you experience the different areas of the business, it was the perfect choice for me.

  • Melissa

    KPMG360⁰ Programme

    The application process wasn’t very stressful at all. The interview felt more like a conversation, where the interviewer really wanted to know what type of person you were. The assessment centre was nerve racking, but you are eased into it. I chose the programme because of the flexibility. I wasn’t sure on what I wanted to do after school, so this was a great way to get my foot in the door of a well-respected firm. Also it was an opportunity to learn and work at the same time.

  • Ryan

    KPMG360⁰ Programme

    Since joining KPMG last autumn, I feel my confidence has definitely grown and I’m really enjoying the first few months as an apprentice in the Edinburgh office. I feel more confident in my role and know that if I get confused and need help, I can always ask a member of my team.

  • Ann-Marie

    KPMG360⁰ Programme

    One of my highlights since joining has been getting to take part in a workshop with the US ambassador for the UK. He came to the UK to ask for young people’s views on America and it was such a great experience speaking with such a high ranking official – who was listening to and discussing our opinions! It was the kind of unique experience which helps make working here on the programme so special.

  • Charlotte

    KPMG360⁰ Programme

    Read about why Charlotte chose to do the KPMG360⁰ apprenticeship programme in the Bristol office. 

    "I grew up in a little village in Devon called Willand, and I really wanted to work within Professional Services as I knew it could provide me with so many opportunities, but there were only small local accounting firms close to where I live. I considered alternatives and Bristol seemed the closest place. The idea of moving out and moving to a new city by myself was very exciting, and the Bristol office appealed to me as I knew it wouldn’t be as big as the likes of London; and personally I like that smaller, more personal aspect. This is what really appealed me about the Bristol office. The office itself is also pretty amazing – I would live there, it is that nice!"

  • Jayvin

    Business Support Academy

    “I was looking for an apprenticeship scheme as I knew I wanted to start working right after school as well as gain a professional qualification. I did a lot of research into what was available and KPMG had the most comprehensive offering. I was also drawn to the focus on training and development, the range of clients and the breadth and depth of experience the Business Support Academy offers.”

  • Luca

    Business Support Academy

    I heard about the Business Support Academy apprenticeship programme through The City Academy when I mentioned I did not want to do a second year of A-levels. I wanted to look at other options and felt that an apprenticeship would be ideal. The school had never really mentioned anything to us unless it was about university, so I began to research apprenticeships. At first I didn’t really find one I was interested in but then a teacher at the City Academy mentioned that KPMG were offering them. So I set about making my application, I had been told that I needed to send off my CV and do an interview this all happened within three days which was exciting! It went well considering I had never had a job interview or written a CV.

  • Sophie

    Audit School Leaver Programme

    The long term opportunities from the School Leavers Programme are best described as endless. I am able to mould my career development whilst I am on the course so that when I qualify after the five years I can achieve my career goals. I have been fortunate to have gained experience outside of audit in the Learning & Development department at KPMG, which has allowed me to develop further skills, such as giving effective presentations to large audiences.

  • Nicholas

    Audit School Leaver Programme

    I chose KPMG not only for its reputation as one of the leading professional services firms, but also for its breadth and range of opportunities available to me as a School Leaver. I knew I wanted to go to university but also earn a professional qualification at the same time. I didn’t want to do what many of my classmates were doing – either going to university after 6th form or starting work right-away – I wanted the best of both worlds! Also, one of the advantages of the Audit School and College Leaver Programme is that KPMG pays all my university and accommodation fees in addition to paying me a salary for the time I’m working at a KPMG office.

  • Charlotte

    Audit School Leaver Programme

    I am currently in my third year on the Birmingham University Audit School Leaver Programme. I’ve always had an interest in finance and knew this was a sector I would like to work in. I stumbled across this course after deciding that full time university wasn’t something I particularly wanted to do. I wanted the balance of university and work and so I thought that this course looked appealing.

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