Parents & Teachers: Parent's story

Angela, parent of Holly

Angela was amazed when she first heard about the opportunities on offer for her daughter Holly. She knew Holly was interested in studying business, but was concerned about the amount of student debt she might build up by going to university full-time. KPMG offered the perfect solution for both of them. We asked Angela what she thought about our school leaver programme.

Were you familiar with what a business like KPMG does?

Not really. I had read about some parts of KPMG’s business but didn’t know a lot about the firm as a whole. Holly and I did a lot of research together and were amazed at what we learnt!

What was your first impression of the programmes on offer at KPMG?

I was very impressed with the opportunities they offered and the financial support available. We thought Audit might be right for Holly because it ticked a lot of boxes: financial security, opportunity to work with a range of clients in different industries and possibly abroad in the future. In addition, the opportunity to gain a university degree as well as a professional qualification was too good an opportunity to pass up.

How has Holly found working at KPMG?

It’s challenging but rewarding. She has the benefit of a big support network to lean on and has attended training courses to enable her to reach her potential. She loves being part of the team and making a real contribution despite being a trainee. In fact, she was surprised at how much her opinion counted given she was still relatively junior.

What skills has she developed?

She has grown in confidence in both her professional and social skills. Actually, when I think about it, she's grown into a mature and confident young lady.

What’s your impression of KPMG now?

KPMG is definitely a forward-thinking employer. It has invested so much in Holly and the flexibility the School Leaver Programmes offer means KPMG works with Holly in shaping her career. The firm also offers a lot of opportunities for mobility so you can take the experience and skills you have and add value to a different part of the business. 

How did you find out about the School and College Leaver Programmes at KPMG?

I heard an advert on the radio and thought it might be something my daughter was interested in since she was looking to study business/accounting at university and I knew she was keen to do relevant work experience in London over university holidays.

What advice would you give other parents about School and College Leaver Programmes?

Expect them to be working long hours- the job is rarely 9-5 and the company will expect them to work longer hours during busy season and can often be on jobs for weeks/months away from home. There aren’t many people at that age who have the opportunity to work at a global firm and its an incredible opportunity which shouldn’t be missed-but they expect you to work hard for the privilege

What’s the best advice you gave Holly?

It’s important to be yourself in the interviews as they know the type of person they are looking for and who will fit will in their business culture. You want to ensure you are working in an environment where you fit in and can be yourself as this ensures you succeed to the best of your ability. 

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