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80 days to race the world – Winner!

Posted: February 12, 2014

The clock stopped on 31st October 2013 for students to submit their fastest time for completing KPMG’s 80 Days online global interactive ballooning adventure. Over a thousand players competed to virtually circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon, locating KPMG offices and completing tasks along the way.

The winner, 22-year-old Benedikt Best, finished the challenge in the quickest time and landed himself the grand prize: an internship at KPMG and £1,000 worth of travel vouchers. 

“I first heard about the 80 Days challenge on Facebook”, says Benedikt, who’s a third-year bio-medical science student at Imperial College London. “It was just an advert on my sidebar, and I thought, KPMG doing a challenge, what’s this about?”

What followed was a total of 30 hours of playing, refining, and playing again, before ultimately setting his winning time of fifteen minutes. The game, which is still playable online, isn’t just fun – through its tasks, it also gives players an insight into KPMG, what it’s like to work there, and the kind of skills they look for.  

“What the game taught me about KPMG, first and foremost, was how international it is. For example, I ‘went’ all the way down to South America one time – I’m not even sure why I ended up there – but there was an office all the way at the south tip. I was actually really surprised to find anything there.”

So how does winning a KPMG internship fit with Benedikt’s future plans?

“It fits perfectly with my career ambitions. I was already looking for a management consultancy internship, and I think winning it this way is great. I’m looking forward to what I’m going to experience. KPMG should definitely do it again! It’s extremely fun, and nobody else does this kind of thing. I jumped on it immediately because I enjoy computer games. And the possibility of winning an internship by playing a game was in itself so exciting that I just had to try it!”

And any plans with the travel vouchers?

“Well, I’m taking my girlfriend on a trip to Romania with it, so that fits in very nicely too!” 

View our Interview with Benedikt


View the video transcript here.

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