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Benjamin, Audit Assistant Manager

Posted: October 31, 2018

There are good structures in place, such as the People Leaders and Performance Managers, which helps you set your targets and goals for the future.

What difference has it made to you (personally/professionally) joining KPMG?

Professionally the biggest difference is that I have moved from a general practise role, with about 20% of my time spent on audit engagements, to a purely audit role. In addition, I have moved from a reviewer role to a more client facing role so I am looking forward to getting back out on sites and meeting new clients. I believe that there are many more opportunities for me to develop my skills and also for career progression here at KPMG.

There are good structures in place, such as the People Leaders and Performance Managers, which helps you set your targets and goals for the future. To me, learning and development are two of my biggest motivational drivers. I never want to stop learning. With the range of clients and engagements there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and also to further develop existing ones.

How do we differ to your previous employer(s)?

The immediate difference is the sheer size and scale of KPMG compared with my previous employer. I trained at a two partner firm in Guildford with perhaps less than 20 employees in total across the firm. To have now moved to an office with over 500 employees, with an ambitionto grow to a size of approximately 700 members of staff really is a new experience. With this increased staff size also comes the increased client size, to go from regional companies to multinational organizations is quite a change.

What was your previous impressions of KPMG and has your perception changed since you joined us?

The impression I had of KPMG before joining was that it was a huge entity where it could be very easy to fall into anonymity. The reality however, is that everybody is very friendly and keen to meet you as a new starter. I have been welcomed by numerous people, from all grades between Partners and Associates. Knowing that I was going into a client facing role and spending predominantly most of my time outside of the office, it is good to have the assurance that when you come back into the office there are lots of people that you will know.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in coming to work for us?

Definitely apply! If you do have specific questions then you have plenty of opportunities to ask them throughout the application process. Given the size of KPMG, there will always be opportunities that interest you and a range of work to keep you intellectually stimulated. There are always transitions to be made when joining a new firm, however KPMG appreciates this and does have processes and procedures to help you.For example, I have recently been on a two week training course which runs through the KPMG audit approach and also the resources which are available to you.

It is a very exciting time to join the Reading office, there has just been an announcement that we will be moving within the next year into the heart of Reading town centre into a brand new, state of the art office development. With the future development of Crossrail, the catchment area of the Reading office should expand and it will be within easy reach for more people.

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