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Jaini, Audit Manager - National Markets

Posted: August 29, 2018

I completed a degree in Economics at the University of York and graduated in 2012. I then started a graduate scheme at a mid-tier firm in London where I completed my ACA. I worked on a mixture of audits and accounts preparation which provided me with a strong foundation in audit and accounting. I moved to KPMG’s office in Liverpool in January 2016 as Assistant Manager shortly after qualifying. I was then promoted to Manager in October 2017.

What attracted you to KPMG?

I wanted a challenge and a firm that would offer me opportunities to progress in my career. I interviewed at other Big 4 firms, but I felt KPMG had more to offer. It was clear that KPMG gave its employees something extra.

What difference has it made to you joining KPMG?

I have really improved my technical expertise; an opportunity I wouldn’t have had at my previous employer. At KPMG I have worked with a range of people across the UK and from the global network, which means I have learnt a number of different working methods and ways of thinking. The wide variety of KPMG clientele has improved my commercial awareness and knowledge across a range of industries.

How do we differ to your previous employer(s)  

My previous employer definitely gave me a great start to my career, but progression opportunities were limited. It was a steep learning curve transitioning from a mid-tier firm to KPMG; the processes were completely different, but people are here to help make the transition easier. KPMG works with you to develop your skills and work on areas that you both enjoy and that will challenge you. I have worked on a range of clients from private to FTSE listed companies, across a wide range of industries which has provided me with many opportunities to work on complex and technical accounting areas. Not a day goes by where you don’t learn something new!

What was your previous impressions of KPMG and has your perception changed since you joined us?

I always had quite high impressions of KPMG, and this hasn’t changed since I joined. I’m proud to work for KPMG and continue to develop my career here.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in coming to work for us (your team specifically)

Audit is audit, so if you have a strong background and good experience in it then you are most of the way there. People you work with here will be there to help you learn how to do things the KPMG way. There is a huge misconception that if you are an external hire you might not be promoted as quickly; it’s definitely not true, I can vouch for that! There will be times where the job will be challenging and stressful but there is always a support network available so don’t be scared to ask for help. There are a number of opportunities to get involved in the wider department, for example, getting a department role and attending social events which are great to get involved in.

For more information on our current roles in Audit in Liverpool please click here:

Audit is audit, so if you have a strong background and good experience in it then you are most of the way there.

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