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KPMG Head of People kicks off Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Posted: May 14, 2018

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  Over the last few years KPMG has been a firm supporter of this initiative and also the Lord Mayor of London’s This is Me campaign which aims to reduce stigma around mental health by dispelling myths and raising awareness of wellbeing.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of our colleagues is a business priority at KPMG, it is part of our corporate strategy to ensure individuals are able to thrive not just survive in the workplace. Since taking up the role of Head of People last year I have become ever more aware of the importance of having open and honest conversations with colleagues to create an environment of inclusivity.  Being able to bring your whole selves to work without fear of discrimination is a key element of our inclusive culture at KPMG.

Our business can be fast paced and sometimes relentless, so there will no doubt be times when many of us will have to deal with stress or we may feel like we are not functioning at one hundred per cent, which is why we are providing training to our managers and people leaders to enable them to better identify when colleagues may be struggling, and have those difficult conversations which could make all the difference.

Over the course of Mental Health Awareness Week this year our mental health network, Be Mindful, has organised over fifty events across our UK offices to encourage mindfulness, promote self-care, and to just talk about mental health in an informal setting.  We will also be turning the lighting in some of our offices green, serving green food in our canteens and providing green themed flowers in our receptions to show our support for the This is Me campaign.

On a personal note, I am incredibly proud that our organisation is taking such a proactive approach to supporting mental health in the workplace.  There will be times in all of our lives where we feel overwhelmed with the amount we have going on. Starting a new job, getting a promotion or being involved in a high profile engagement are milestones most of us strive to achieve, and however positive these are they can be extremely stressful on the individual.  

Our senior leadership team knows that in order for our people to reach their full potential, they must be nurtured.  Our people are our most important asset and we are working hard to become better educated and equipped throughout our organisation from the top down, so that if the day comes that someone needs help, we can be there to provide it. 

Anna Purchas

Head of People
KPMG in the UK

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