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Let’s move beyond the stigma together

Posted: May 18, 2018

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am that more and more, little by little, we are starting to talk openly about mental health.

“I’ve never written a blog before and certainly never imagined this would be the subject of my first. However, last week I attended an internal KPMG event where speakers spoke openly and honestly about their experiences with mental health. I haven’t felt so simultaneously humbled and impressed in a long time, and this has encouraged me to speak out on my own experiences.

“As humans we are amazing in so many ways - our ability to hide what’s really going on inside is incredible. My knowledge of the issues we all need to be comfortable talking about is first hand.

“For 25 years I experienced what it’s like to have a close family member live through extreme depression. The most shocking revelation to me was the lack of support is in this area. ‘Helpless’ doesn’t begin to capture how we all felt for so long.

“Severe depression is just one example of the ways in which mental health can affect us all. I’m so pleased to see the support that’s being offered to our KPMG colleagues. In this age of ever increasing digitisation, high performance cultures coupled with everyday change and uncertainty I believe that so many of us are feeling ‘frazzled’.

"We absolutely must take the well-being of our colleagues and ourselves much more seriously.  As an immediate first step - let’s all start talking about it more. Let’s move beyond the stigma together.”

Andy Cox

UK Chair of Energy

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