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Maintaining a successful professional career at KPMG and keeping an active role as a mum

Posted: June 18, 2019

KPMG UK aims to achieve the right balance for any employee, at any grade, in any part of KPMG in the UK.

This is enabling the firm to help everyone build their careers without sacrificing their personal priorities. This is all about focusing on outcomes and trusting our people to do the right thing for themselves and our firm. We call it Intelligent Working.

Our colleague Laura, Assurance Manager, Corporates Assurance Group talks about balancing work life balance with three young children.

“I am sure a lot of us are striving to achieve the perfect work-life balance - it’s not an easy ask, but why shouldn’t we at least try to live our best life? Since becoming a mum of three, I knew that it was going to be a challenge maintaining a professional career and keeping an active role as a mum.  I needed flexibility in the workplace and the Assurance team at KPMG was able to offer me this. I haven’t looked back since.

Tonight I am taking my daughters to their swimming lessons.  Having spent the day working from home, I was able to cut out the commute and say to my girls “yes, I am going to take you swimming tonight”.

I have first-hand experience that attitudes in the workplace are changing for the better.  Since joining KPMG in their newly established Assurance team, I have only experienced support and encouragement.  I am not saying it is without its challenges, but when handed the opportunity of being able to choose how and when to work, it definitely makes it a whole lot easier.  To have a host of flexible working arrangements available really enables me to give my best both professionally and personally. Plus I even get to reduce my carbon footprint on my work-from-home days and save a few pennies – an added bonus!

Flexibility does work both ways but when you have a supportive and forward-thinking team, it makes it a lot easier.”

Find out more about current vacancies in Assurance Services at KPMG here.

Flexibility does work both ways but when you have a supportive and forward-thinking team, it makes it a lot easier.

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