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Milindu, Manager, National Markets IRM

Posted: January 08, 2019

I joined KPMG as an experienced hire, Assistant Manager in the Technology Risk team in September 2016. I was then promoted to Manager in October 2018 as the team moved into Audit to become Information Risk Management (IRM).

What attracted you to KPMG?

The international reputation as one of the ‘Big 4’ attracted my attention. But it was the people culture that caters for the individual and develops you as an investment that won me over. Working within Connected Consulting and Audit gives you the access to work with clients in capital markets and a wide range of industries, as well as allowing you the opportunity to be at the forefront of emerging technologies.

What difference has it made to you joining KPMG?

I have worked in a number of industries in the technology assurance (i.e. IRM) space and learnt a great deal on how to improve quality of audits performed and to provide the level of assurance demanded by our clients and regulators. KPMG made me realise the importance of our role as auditors of the capital markets that underpins the economy of the U.K.

Since joining, I have developed a good commercial awareness, a better understanding of complex client issues, developed skills to maintain a long lasting client relationship and to deliver an experience rather than just a product that we’re contracted to deliver.

At KPMG, we call this building ‘clients for life’!

How do we differ to your previous employer(s)?

I believe KPMG is unique at recognising an individual’s true potential, building confidence and passion whilst offering a rewarding career path.

What was your previous impressions of KPMG and has your perception changes since you joined us?

I have always had high expectations of KPMG and the firm have always delivered.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in coming to work for IRM?

Be open to new challenges, explore opportunities, embrace change and get involved; because there are endless career paths to choose from and be rewarded by.

What three words would you use to describe your team?

Inclusive, Skilled, Energetic

For more information on our current roles in IRM South please click here:  

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