How to Apply: Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s anything specific you’d like to know about making your application, you’ll probably find the answer below. If there’s anything else you would like to ask though, feel free to contact us. 

Academic requirements

  • What do you look for other than good grades in a potential employee?

    In addition to your academic qualifications, we look at your behavioural competencies in nine key areas. By ‘behavioural competencies’ we mean the skills and behaviours you’ll need to be successful at KPMG.

    There’s no single type of person who succeeds at KPMG. Our business thrives on diversity.  What we look for is people with something special to offer. So we’re just as interested in other aspects of your experience and other parts of your character. Overall, we’re looking for people with a strong awareness of business, a curiosity to find out more and the ability to think of new ways to solve problems. We’re also interested in people who take pride in their work, have integrity, strive to improve themselves and can build strong relationships that bring out the best in others.

    When preparing for your interview, you should think about these areas carefully and consider how you’ve demonstrated these behaviours in your life. This could have been through academic work, hobbies, part-time jobs or extra-curricular activities.

    We value any experience you’ve gained so far and are interested in hearing about it. Try to think about specific examples of things you’ve done in the last two to three years which relate to our behavioural competencies. Spend some time remembering what you did, what role you played and what challenges you faced. To find out more about our behavioural competencies, click here.

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  • I don't meet your minimum academic requirements. Will I automatically be unsuccessful?

    No. However, our minimum academic requirements have been developed over time as a guide to how well you should be able to cope with the demands of the programme. As such, they are very important in the selection process. But it’s not just your academic performance we are interested in. We’ll assess your application on a number of different factors, including work experience and how you perform in our tests.

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  • What are your minimum academic requirements?

    As a general rule, you’ll be expected to meet the following requirements:

    • Minimum grade B GCSE Maths and grade B GCSE English Language or equivalent
    • Minimum of 300 UCAS Tariff points or equivalent * 
    • On track to achieve a 2:1 degree or above in any discipline

    Please note, we only consider your GCSE grades and top three A-level grades but we do not accept General Studies.

    * Please see each programme for specific information.

    Within our recruitment process, we look for more than just your academics results. This wider perspective helps us ensure that we are giving you the best opportunity to demonstrate your potential. We assess your application against KPMG’s Global Behavioural Capabilities and combine a number of different factors, including work experience and how you perform in our recruitment process to build our confidence in whether you will be a success at KPMG. 

    For more details, click here.

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The application process and applying

  • I’ve got an interview – what can I do to prepare for it?

    To find out what to expect at your interview and how to prepare for it, take a look at the section on our Application Process page.

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  • What practise would you advise for the online numerical tests?

    Practise as much as possible before taking both the numerical and verbal reasoning tests, even if you’ve taken them before, by:

    • Visiting your careers service and trying some sample tests. They may provide feedback, helping you to focus on areas that can be improved.
    • Checking out any books available. Many have practical examples and answers, so you can see what you need to learn before the real thing.

    Some other things to consider if you’re invited to sit the online tests:

    • Make sure you're relaxed and prepared before you start.
    • Take the tests yourself. You could be chosen as part of a random selection of applicants who will be re-tested later in the selection process.
    • Don't expect to finish the tests. They’re designed to put you under time pressure.
    • Sometimes the practise tests can seem easier than the real thing.
    • Make sure that you’re in an environment where you can concentrate.

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  • Who will have access to the information supplied on my application form?

    KPMG treats any information supplied by you during the application process with the utmost confidentiality. By completing the online application process you’ll be deemed to have agreed to the processing of your data in this manner. 

    No information supplied will be passed to non-contracted third parties. See our privacy policy for more details.

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  • Does having a disability affect my application?

    Not at all. At KPMG we’re committed to encouraging diversity in the recruitment, retention and development of our people. Any data you provide will be held in strict confidence. It will enable us to make any reasonable adjustments necessary and allow us to track how successful we are in recruiting talented people, irrespective of difference.

    Please visit our Contact page if you have any special requirements (religious, disability or other) which should be taken into account or that need accommodating during the recruitment process.

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  • Is there an opportunity to describe any extenuating circumstances that may affect my application?

    If you’d like us to consider something that has affected your academic results, please indicate it in the section provided on the application form. If you feel that you have a valid reason for not being able to use the online application, we’ll be happy to consider this as well.

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  • I’m applying to several other organisations. Does this matter?

    No. KPMG recognises that you may be interested in a variety of different opportunities. Applying to these will in no way affect your application for a place on KPMG’s Undergraduate Programme. But if you decide to accept an offer of a position, either with us or with another organisation, please inform all other potential interested parties at this stage.

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  • Will my personal details remain secure?

    KPMG takes online security very seriously and we use technology to help ensure your application is not accessible to anyone outside the application process.

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  • What happens after I’ve submitted my application form?

    You’ll receive a link to a Situational Judgement Test within one working day. Once you’ve completed this test, we’ll look at your application and typically get back to you within one working day to let you know if you’ve been successful. If you have been, you’ll be invited to sit online numerical and verbal tests. If you pass these, the next stage is a telephone interview. You can find full details on our Application Process page.

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  • What happens if my computer crashes halfway through completing the application form?

    It’s not a problem, as long as you remember to save your answers as you go along. Even if it crashes in the middle of a test that you can take only once, the technology is sophisticated enough to know what's happened and should let you start again.

    However, if you have any problems when taking the tests, please contact Technical Support (see your test invitation email for contact details).

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  • When is the deadline for online applications?

    KPMG recruits on a rolling basis, and some routes fill faster than others, so we’d encourage you to apply as early as possible. Typically we open for applications every year around August time and KPMG’s Launch Pad recruitment events usually take place between October and December. Be the one of the first to hear about new jobs, upcoming events and opportunities by joining KPMG’s Smart Network

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International students

  • I have studied overseas – will you be able to understand my academic details?

    If you’ve studied overseas, you’ll need to have qualifications equivalent to our UK requirements. On your application form, you simply need to state your qualifications as they were awarded to you. If you'd like to work out what the equivalent grades are, please click here.

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  • I’m an international student. Can I apply to KPMG?

    As an inclusive business built on the brightest diverse minds, we welcome international applications at KPMG in the UK. But you’ll need to have the right to work in the UK, because we cannot support work permit applications.

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Deciding where to apply

  • If I don’t have much experience in finance, how do I know which area I’d be best suited to e.g. Tax?

    Our recruitment process is similar for all our programmes, so your choice of which programme you’d like to apply for should be based on what you’re interested in.

    You can find out more by researching the different career paths available. Make use of employee profiles, other sections on our website and other company websites. You could even research online careers services and Professional Institute websites (for example, ICAEW, ICAS, CFA) to find out more. Your University Careers Service will also be an invaluable source of information on a career in Audit, Tax or Advisory. If you need more information you can visit our Contact page. 

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Other general queries about applying

  • Can I apply to the Vacation Programme if I’m in my final year and going on to study for a Masters?

    Yes. Our Vacation Programme is open to students in their penultimate year of study.  But if you’re currently in your final year and can provide evidence that you have a place on a one-year Masters’ degree for after you graduate, you’re welcome to apply.

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  • Do you have an age limit?

    No, age is not important to us. KPMG is an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications from all backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating the kind of inclusive workplace that treats everyone with respect, and where people can be themselves and still achieve their potential. All applicants are judged on their demonstrated abilities, so as long as you meet our minimum academic criteria, you can apply to KPMG.

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  • I’d like to apply for a business placement during my 3rd year at university – does KPMG offer this?

    If you’re an undergraduate on a four-year sandwich course, you could apply to our One Year Business Placement in Audit, Capital Allowances or Technology. KPMG recruits on a rolling basis, and some routes fill faster than others, so we’d encourage you to apply as early as possible.

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