Vacation Programmes: What is Audit?

Audit is a profession with a rich heritage, dating all the way back to the 1400s. Whilst the fundamental principles remains unchanged – to reinforce trust through audit quality and accuracy – the role of an auditor and the tools we use have changed significantly. 

In today’s world, auditors play a key role in providing the confidence that business and society demand. This supports investment decisions in the capital markets, confidence over the governance of public sector expenditure and the development of the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises. Audit is essential to the effective allocation of capital around the globe – powering growth, job creation, prosperity and innovation.

As every organisation is different we rely on the diversity of our workforce and their individuality to make sure we fully understand our clients’ business from every angle. We understand that our people are integral to delivering high quality audit client work. This is becoming increasingly important due to:

  • the growing number of stakeholders looking to auditors to guide their decision making process;
  • the continuing evolution and importance of technology;
  • significant increases in the amount of data available to be analysed; and  
  • the continuing diversity of businesses, products, customers and processes.

This, coupled with the speed at which people expect information to be available, is what makes audit a challenging and varied career.

And it won’t stop here. Key to ensuring we are able to continue to provide the assurance needed is that we’re one step ahead of our clients, so that when they change and evolve we’re ready. To do this we’re leveraging our advanced technology and data analytics to significantly enhance the quality of our work, allowing us to provide deeper and more robust client insights.

At the heart of this is KPMG Clara, our progressive collaboration and analytics tool, which allows us to effectively collaborate with our clients, provides robust audit evidence, as well as giving us the opportunity to add real value to our clients by really getting under the skin of a business.

Live our values and embrace our quality-first culture, and we’ll give you what you need to take your career from success to success.

Learn more about our forward thinking audit approach by watching this video:



The largest of our UK practices, Audit develops a deep understanding of organisations and helps to assure stakeholders that the published annual accounts are a 'true and fair' reflection of their financial performance.

With the ever-changing technological landscape, audit is evolving. Through the use of our innovative collaboration and analytics tool, KPMG Clara, we are able to use data to significantly enhance audit quality and accuracy, to provide deeper and more robust client insights. At KPMG we are at the forefront of developing technology to enable us to deliver a world-class audit. This will continue to evolve, with advancing technology such as artificial intelligence becoming part of the day-to-day audit.

Within audit, we also have a large and growing internal client base and perform work on wider assurance engagements for a number of our clients.

Students joining the Audit Vacation Programme will have the opportunity to work in a specific audit business area whilst gaining an insight into a leading business advisory firm.

KPMG's Audit Vacation Programme is designed to give you a breadth of skills and experience. Audit provides the core foundation knowledge to a successful career in business and can equip you with valuable technical skills, broad commercial understanding and in-depth knowledge of different industry sectors.

Live our values and embrace our quality-first culture, and we’ll give you what you need to take your career from success to success.

At a glance

Business area Audit - Business Audit
Programme length 4 weeks
Location Nationwide
Entry requirements Yes

Training and development

You’re not here for that long, so the focus of the Audit Vacation programme is to ensure every second counts. Above all else, it’s about gaining experience on real time, real life projects. It's an opportunity to learn new skills, enhance your CV, learn about the world of work and, importantly, get your foot in the door of one of the leading professional services firms. And if you’re inspired by the time you spend with us here, and go on to join us full-time once you’ve graduated, you’ll get access to exemplary training and development. In addition to studying towards a professional qualification, The Academy is a unique training centre that’s spurring our people on to do extraordinary things.

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