Corporate Responsibility: KPMG Foundation

Unlocking potential through early intervention

“I'm a good reader now and help the other children in my class.”

Since 2001, the KPMG Foundation has helped over 30,000 children in the UK by improving their literacy, while also giving over £10m to 68 charitable projects.

Improving outcomes for young people in care

The KPMG Foundation is leading a programme to test whether we can improve the outcomes for children in foster care. We’re helping to train foster carers in social education – an approach based on these three principles:

  • Head – Supporting foster carers to better understand how deprivation has impacted on a child’s development, helping them interpret behaviours and respond appropriately.
  • Heart – Building a loving, supportive and aspirational relationship with the foster child. Too often strict regulations can prevent foster children feeling like a loved member of the family.
  • Hands – Using practical tasks and every day activities like climbing trees and preparing meals as vital opportunities for learning. In the past, this has been difficult due to overly risk-averse approaches.

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