Our People Stories: Ann-Marie

KPMG360⁰ Programme

What was the application process like & what made you choose the KPMG360⁰ Programme?
The application process was fairly straight forward. It consisted of an application form, then some online and face-to-face assessment stages. All these stages happen within a few weeks and from my experience I was given a response as to whether I had been accepted onto the programme or not very quickly. I chose the KPMG360⁰ programme mainly because the idea of getting to rotate and experience many different departments was appealing to me. Especially as I wasn’t 100% sure what career I wanted for my future.

Which areas of the business have you worked in so far? Which has been your favourite and why?
So far I have worked in Audit, People Services Tax, Regulatory Risk and Management Consulting departments. My favourite so far has been Management Consulting as I have been involved in a project to help transform the learning of civil servants. It has made me feel proud to see how our work has such an influence on the government which is a major part of this country.

What’s the best thing you’ve done since joining, or the best project you’ve worked on?
One of my highlights since joining has been getting to take part in a workshop with the US ambassador for the UK. He came to the UK to ask for young people’s views on America and it was such a great experience speaking with such a high ranking official – who was listening to and discussing our opinions! It was the kind of unique experience which helps make working here on the programme so special.

What support have you had as you study towards qualifications?
During my studies so far, I have had the support of specific tutors for each exam. If I ever had any questions I could just email them or post the question on the online forum. I’ve also had support from my Performance Manager who I go to for general advice. The KPMG professional qualifications team are also on hand to help you out with anything.

What are the longer-term opportunities?
After the programme you can be promoted to an Assistant Manager and continue progressing up the firm. You also have the opportunity to go on a secondment either in the UK or abroad. This gives you a chance to experience something different.

Do you feel you missed out by not attending university?
Definitely not. Working at a firm with such a big reputation opens so many opportunities. The fact that I am earning money instead of being in university and taking on debt means I have never regretted my decision not to go to university. The work experience that I am gaining here is invaluable.

Did you have any fears before joining?
I was scared that I wouldn’t be ready to take on a full time job as I had just come out of school and had never had a job before. This was soon erased as everyone at KPMG made me feel so welcome and supported me in easing into the transition from school to work.

What advice would you give to people thinking about applying?
Don’t be scared to apply and don’t think you are not good enough. Apply, as you never know what might happen. In terms of the application process, approach the interviews and tasks with confidence. People want to see that you are confident at sharing your opinions and knowing what you want to achieve in the future.   

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