Our People Stories: Lauren

Senior Manager - Bank Audit in London

Lauren joined Audit straight out of university in 2008, after completing a BSc in Management from Warwick. She’s been at the practice ever since, progressing from Audit Assistant to various management roles. A banking sector specialist, she’s now a Senior Manager and along with two other Managers heads up a 400-strong team.

"I wanted to join a firm that had a strong brand and a global reach. KPMG in the UK ticked both of those boxes. Also, when I interviewed I was impressed by the people I encountered – they were clearly high-calibre but also very friendly and approachable.

"I had high expectations of KPMG, and I wasn’t disappointed. Since joining, I’ve had the chance to work alongside some amazing people. The global opportunities have been real too. I’ve been able to work with clients in various locations across Europe, but also in Abu Dhabi and South Africa. Looking ahead, there’s a good chance I might end up in Asia too.

"I think that’s partly because of the strength of the brand. KPMG’s global network of member firms has a strong reputation in the international marketplace for helping to deliver value to clients – and that opens up all sorts of doors.

"I was impressed by the people – they were clearly high-calibre but also approachable."

"KPMG opens doors for its people too. For my first three years here, I was on a structured training contract through which I was able to take the ACA. KPMG gave me plenty of support throughout that period. Since then, I’ve had training in management and regular coaching sessions with a Partner.

"But learning here goes far beyond formal training. It’s woven into the fabric of everything we do. Everyone at KPMG is curious for new insights and we have excellent mechanisms for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. People regularly get together, collaborate and discuss new technical areas.

"So much of the learning is hands on. At an early stage of my career, I was given exposure to clients’ senior management – an experience that proved invaluable to my development.

"I think one of KPMG’s greatest strengths is its agility: we’re an incredibly nimble organisation. I witnessed this first-hand when I joined in 2008. Despite being in the middle of a global financial crisis, we adapted and helped many clients weather the storm. That gives me confidence that we can do the same for Brexit and all the uncertainties that surround that."


Manager – Risk Consulting, Leeds

“Our clients genuinely value our advice and rely on our work.”


Experienced Hire Recruiter – KPMG Business Services, Manchester

“I would never have thought an organisation this size could have such a warm, supportive culture.”


Assistant Manager – Legal Services, Corporate, Financial Services, London

“All my colleagues have been really helpful and supportive.”

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