Our People Stories: Solomon

Manager - Reward Consulting in Leeds

Solomon moved from Nigeria to the UK initially to study Accounting at Manchester University. After completing a further degree, he began his career at KPMG in 2008. A specialist in executive compensation, he advises clients across a variety of sectors on a wide range of remuneration issues.

“I had a good impression of KPMG because my sister was already working here. It was clear that she really enjoyed her job, and that the organisation was well run, so that’s what inspired me to apply. I guess you could say I had the inside track.

“I had high expectations of KPMG before I joined, and they have been exceeded. Every project I do here is different and interesting. I recently completed an internal project that saw me review our Reward practice globally for 35 different member firms. Understanding how different countries approach reward was fascinating.

“Another great thing about KPMG is the culture: it’s a very inclusive place. For me that’s important because I’m able to bring my whole self to work. For example, I’m a trustee with my church and the firm supports me in fulfilling this role – through volunteering in the community and the church itself. It’s something that means a lot to me.

“I recently became a father of two children and I need to merge that responsibility with my career aspirations – but I’m confident that I can get there with KPMG.”

“There’s a real sense that your contribution is recognised here too. We have some excellent recognition schemes in place, where people receive rewards and praise for their work. Just yesterday, for example, I received an email about someone in the team who was nominated for star of the month. This inspires you to work hard and exceed expectations.

“KPMG is very people focused in a lot of ways. A couple of years ago I briefly left and worked for one of KPMG’s competitors. I returned last summer because it was clear KPMG was a good fit for me. They invest in you and look after you. We’re also very close-knit as a team. I refer to this place as my ‘professional family’.


Assistant Manager – Public Sector Audit, Birmingham

“KPMG allows me to fit in work, study and time with my kids.”


People Leader – Management Consulting, London

“KPMG encourages people to plan their career path and take their own development in hand.”


Manager – Transfer Pricing, London

“If you’re committed to self-improvement, you’ll get the chance to prove yourself.”

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