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Having spent 12 years at the start of her career as a Business Development Director at KPMG, Luci decided to join her key client. She went on to become an HR Director working on a major integration project but, as her career developed, she still looked back very fondly on her time with KPMG.

“I decided to return to KPMG as a Contractor because I wanted to do interesting work with interesting people in an environment in which I’d constantly be learning, but with the flexibility that comes from contracting.

At KPMG, you have to sprint to keep up with the bright minds around you and with all the different perspectives. This is an environment which I enjoy. The access to talent here is amazing.

I initially did a year as a Contractor and, having really enjoyed being a Contractor, I don’t think I’d ever go back to permanent employment. I work on an engagement and then have some time off in between the next one, which works really well for me and my family.

“The lovely part about KPMG is that we have so many engagements, there is real flexibility. You're also treated in a professional way – as a valued member of the team.”

Another thing that’s impressed me is how amazing the resources are. The access to thought leadership, to methodology, plus tools and technologies is fantastic. When you come in, you get to work on great projects, our client base is fantastic, and you have all of these resources to draw upon.

The work I do is about HR and organisational transformation, drawing upon our expertise in technology, behavioural change methodologies, educational psychology... And it’s all augmented with a rigorous knowledge base – process maps driving efficiency that can turn a job from taking seven days, to half a day.

The culture of KPMG is collaborative. If you’re having a team meeting, everyone’s there. If we get an update on the deliverables, everyone gets access to the information. It’s normal practice to work with people you don’t know here – which makes life so much better for Contractors.”

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