We have been living through a period of unprecedented change, as societies around the world re-examine their attitudes to inclusion, diversity and equity. This has been reflected here at KPMG in the way we have engaged with our colleagues of Black heritage to support a range of new and important initiatives that will help our firm change faster.

We’re taking decisive steps as we’re determined to empower those of Black heritage who work for KPMG, or aspire to do so. We’re certain that everyone within the firm benefits from an inclusive environment, where colleagues from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives can thrive. And, that this will positively benefit our clients too.

Our Black Lives Action Plan is at the heart of our approach. We’ve committed to at least double the number of Black partners and directors by 2022 and ensure that all Black colleagues join and progress through KPMG equitably. Dedicated resources, education, leadership and accountability will drive our Action Plan forward. We are also drawing on the independent expertise and constructive challenge of John Amaechi OBE to ensure that we stay firmly focused on our objectives.

The concept of allyship is critically important to achieving our goals. Around a thousand people in KPMG have signed up to our Black Lives Allyship programme already, which pairs people together to mentor, sponsor and learn from each other. Building on this success, we’ve just launched a Cross-Company Allyship Programme, which opens the opportunity for KPMG and client mentors and mentees to gain experiences and access networks from outside of their own organisations.

Our Black Heritage Talent Insight Programme is aimed at students of Black heritage, who can gain insight into the work of KPMG, build essential networks and develop their professional skills.

We are also proud to be part of the 10,000 Black Interns programme, which involves 24 firms from different sectors. From Summer 2022, it will offer a minimum of four weeks paid work experience, training and development aimed specifically at students of Black heritage.

And through our involvement with other broader initiatives, such as our voluntary work through the Prince’s Trust, we help improve educational opportunities and outcomes for disadvantaged young people, including those from Black communities.

Meanwhile, KPMG’s African and Caribbean employee network continues to be a welcoming and supportive community empowering those of Black heritage to achieve tangible personal and professional development goals and create impact outside of KPMG in the wider community.  

In this critical period, we are determined to build momentum for real change and would love you to join us on this journey, as we move forward.

Black Lives Matter: Action Plan


Dedicated Resources

We've introduced dedicated resources to work on Black inclusion full-time.


External Expertise

We've brought in external expertise to support our efforts and constructively challenge us.



We've committed to at least doubling our Black population in leadership positions by 2022 - one year in, we’re around 70% of the way there.



Our Allyship programme already has over 1,000 colleague participants and helps us all learn from each other, and act as role model sponsors of our Black talent.



Our leadership has committed to driving this change and being held accountable for its success.

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