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IT’s Her Future is a dedicated KPMG wide programme designed to tackle gender diversity within KPMG – and beyond.

Essentially, we want to encourage more women into technology careers and to support their ongoing development and progression, whether they’re still at school, just setting out on a career path or are looking to move into the most senior roles. We want to champion change for women in our industry.

The programme is run by a collaborative group of committed people. Together, we’re looking at how we can support women on their way to successful technology careers.

One of the big areas for us is demystifying the idea that technology careers are only for established 'techies'. Our Learning & Development opportunities are there to teach people from every background everything they need to deliver innovative solutions now, and in the future. They’re about nurturing potential.

Through IT’s Her Future, we provide mentors, internal and external events, networking opportunities and targeted training, as well as opportunities to serve as non-executive members of boards, even from a junior level.

This programme is about getting the best out of all our people and opening the door to women who wouldn’t otherwise have considered a career in the field. It’s also about our growth as a firm.

We know the best way to solve complex client issues, deliver quality results and build trust is by embracing diverse perspectives.  And the better our gender balance, the better placed we’ll be to do just that.


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