Senior Manager – Audit, Pensions Centre of Excellence

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 "It's one firm but we do so many different things, from marketing to accounting and technology."

Nana joined us after taking a six year career break to look after her children – in which time she also set up an online business. She's a Senior Manager in our new Pensions Centre of Excellence, a division created as part of our audit quality transformation programme to bring together a group of pension's specialists.

"As a Senior Manager, I work with our largest audited entities, focusing on the pension's side of things. I plan our audit work, deliver it and manage my team throughout the process.

One of the reasons why I like working here is the fact that there’s a lot of flexibility. I support audit colleagues with technical areas of our work, which enables me to often work from home.

"I actually joined under the Return to Audit programme. Whoever thought of that, needs to be congratulated, because they thought of everything that worried me. Can I work flexibly? Will I come in at the same level where I left off? I read about the role and I thought, 'I can't believe this!' It’s perfect."

I joined KPMG because I wanted a senior role that would make full use of my experience and expertise. But at the same time, I work part-time on an annualised day's contract, which means you just work a percentage of days in a year.

I think it's a very authentic working environment. We're sincere. We're true to ourselves. There’s no falsification in the way that people work and interact. And for me, what particularly resonated is the fact that I see senior partners who are women, who are mothers, who might also be working flexibly.

It’s a very diverse firm, with diversity of background, race and thinking. It's professional as well. Absolutely everybody around you is working together to deliver quality. So you've got to be part of that bigger picture.

There's a really collaborative spirit. We're all in pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. To do well here, you have to buy into that and really value it. If you do, you'll thrive."

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