KPMG Global Behaviours

During the recruitment process, you'll hear the phrase 'Global Behaviours' a lot. By this, we mean the skills and behaviours that every person here at KPMG shares.

We come from diverse backgrounds and our behaviours unite us. We don't just want to know how you act in certain situations – we want to see that you believe in the behaviours that underpin our business. We also suggest you take a look at KPMG's Values as these define who we are and how we do things.

Explore the KPMG Global Behaviours

Seizes Business Opportunities

I demonstrate commercial acumen and proactively identify, pursue and win business opportunities to benefit our clients and KPMG. I deliver a consistent and exceptional client experience. I invest in long-term sustainable relationships with my clients. I strive to build 'clients for life' and ensure KPMG becomes the clear choice.

Demonstrates Curiosity and Innovation

I am keen to learn and add value by seeking out new insights and perspectives. I demonstrate agility, respond positively to ambiguity and dynamic work environments and embrace and implement change. I develop new ideas, and design and implement practical, relevant solutions.

Drives Collaboration and Inclusion

I work collaboratively, internally and externally. I share knowledge and work across boundaries. I make a positive difference to my colleagues, respecting the views and opinions of others. I operate with a global mindset and take a 'one firm' approach. I demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Strives for Continual Improvement

I set and achieve ambitious goals and take ownership of my development and career. I demonstrate learning agility, challenging myself and others to improve. I seek and provide constructive, honest and timely feedback, continually coaching and developing others. I maintain drive and resilience.

Delivers Quality

I take pride in the efficient and effective way I organise and structure work, my team and client engagements. I think ahead and proactively plan for contingencies and manage expectations. I am passionate about delivering high-quality services to meet my clients' needs. I am constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards.

Exercises Professional Judgment

I demonstrate professional expertise in all aspects of my work. I consult appropriately, always seek to understand the broader organisational context and inform decisions with data. I maintain objectivity and independence and act with integrity at all times. I am solution focused, consider people matters and manage risk.

Makes an Impact

I listen to others and present information clearly and concisely. I communicate ideas appropriately and adapt my style and approach to my audience and situation. I display confidence and passion that inspires my colleagues. I influence and challenge key stakeholders when appropriate.

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