Application advice

Top 5 application tips

If you are applying to one of our Graduate or Undergraduate programmes, you will need to go through our KPMG assessment process. We have designed our application process to give you the chance to show your potential as well as gaining a greater insight into working life at KPMG. We've put together some tips to help you make the most of the opportunity.

Tip 1

KPMG recruits on a rolling basis, and some routes fill faster than others, so we'd encourage you to apply as early as possible. Typically we open for applications every year around July time and the majority of KPMG's Launch Pad experience and assessment days usually take place between October and December the same year. Be one of the first to hear about news, upcoming events and career opportunities by joining our Talent Community.

Tip 2

Give sufficient time and attention to ensure the information in your online application form is accurate, as we will use the information you provide to decide whether to take your application further. If you secure a role with us, your academic certificates will be checked against your application, and your offer could be withdrawn if we identify that your application information was incorrect. 

Tip 3

Be yourself! Our online assessments are designed to identify your strengths and potential, and determine if you are suitable for the role you have applied to. It is therefore important that you are honest and true to yourself when completing the assessments. We will also be re-testing elements of the online assessments at Launch Pad. Don't forget - you only have 5 days from invitation to complete each online assessment. Don't apply until you have the time to complete them. 

Tip 4

We will assess you against the strengths that we know are key to a successful career at KPMG. We recommend that you spend time learning about each of the strengths, and consider how they align to your own strengths before submitting your application. To find out more about them, click here

Tip 5

Research our business thoroughly. You should display a real passion for the programme, business area and location you've applied to. You should also understand any qualification offered as part of the programme. As well as helping you prepare for the recruitment process, it gives you the chance to make sure KPMG is right for you.


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