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Top tips for your application

If you are applying to one of our Graduate, Undergraduate or Apprenticeship programmes, you will need to go through our KPMG assessment process. We have designed our application process to give you the chance to show your potential as well as gaining a greater insight into working life at KPMG. We've put together some tips to help you make the most of the opportunity.

Tip 1

KPMG recruits on a rolling basis, and some programmes fill faster than others, so we'd encourage you to apply as early as possible. Typically, we open for applications every year between the summer and autumn and the majority of KPMG's Launch Pad assessment days usually take place between October and December the same year. Be one of the first to hear about upcoming events and career opportunities by joining our Talent Community.

Tip 2

Give sufficient time and attention to ensure the information in your online application form is accurate, as we will use the information you provide to decide whether to take your application further. If you secure a role with us, your academic certificates will be checked against your application, and your offer could be withdrawn if we identify that your application information was incorrect. 

Tip 3

Be yourself! Our online assessments are designed to identify your strengths and potential and determine if you are suitable for the role you have applied to. It is therefore important that you are honest and true to yourself when completing the assessments.

Don't forget - you only have a set amount of time from invitation to complete each online assessment, as specified in your invitation email. Make sure you set aside the time to complete them. Try our practice tests here.

Tip 4

Get in touch! The Student Recruitment team are on hand should you need to speak to us. If you experience any technical issues, any information is unclear to you or if there is anything else you need advice on, then please contact the team. There is also more information on the support and adjustments we can offer throughout the application process here.

Tip 5

We will assess you against the strengths that we know are key to a successful career at KPMG. We recommend that you spend time learning about each of the strengths and consider how they align to your own strengths before deciding whether KPMG is likely to be right for you. To find out more about them, click here

Tip 6

Research! Ensure you thoroughly research our business and the programme you are applying for. You should display a real passion for the programme, business area and location you've applied to. You should also understand any qualification(s) offered as part of the programme. As well as helping you prepare for the recruitment process, it gives you the chance to make sure KPMG is right for you.

It is also your responsibility to check that you meet the criteria for the programme you are applying to. For example, some programmes require you to have a specific degree. We will review your application in the round, so if you do fall slightly below in one of our minimum academic entry criteria then we would still encourage you to apply.  If you are unsure, then please reach out to the Student Recruitment team before submitting your application. If you are rejected from the application process, you cannot make another application until the next intake year.

Candidate conduct and integrity

In line with our Values and Code of Conduct, we expect candidates to demonstrate integrity throughout the assessment process. By completing our assessments, you are confirming that you are doing so independently and without the assistance of others, or any artificial intelligence or other resources, to provide responses that are not your own. Candidates who are found to have acted dishonestly during any part of the assessment process, including sharing or copying assessment content or using assessment content shared by others, will be withdrawn and further action may be taken (including reporting to professional bodies, law enforcement or relevant fraud databases) as deemed appropriate. We will also be conducting periodic reviews of candidate activity and re-testing elements of the online assessments. Please note that reviews or re-tests could take place at any stage of the application or offer process.

We want to warn you that any external sources (paid for or unpaid) offering to support you through the KPMG recruitment process (including taking assessment tests for you) are not supported or endorsed by us in any way. Please note that any KPMG assessment material provided by these sources has not been obtained from us legitimately, and we advise that you do not use these channels. 

If you become concerned that someone may be acting dishonestly, please let us know either by contacting or via our confidential whistleblowing hotline. The hotline is independent of KPMG and anything reported will remain confidential.

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