Black Heritage Reverse Mentoring Programme

Driving inclusion through increased awareness

Being inclusive Read some of our peoples' stories

Building a firm that is reflective of our clients, the communities we work in and wider society are key priorities for KPMG. We want to be inclusive to all and ensure everyone has equal and fair opportunities across the firm.

We want to develop our organisational culture and support our leaders through increasing their awareness of different experiences and perspectives. We know that our Black Heritage colleagues have unique experiences of working at the firm, which are not always shared with leaders.

Our Black Heritage Reverse Mentoring Programme, aims to create a more inclusive working environment through providing a forum for our leaders to learn more about what it means to be of Black Heritage at KPMG and bring this insight into their day-to-day practices.

Through the Programme, our leaders are paired with a more junior Black Heritage colleague mentor for open, honest and constructive discussions. It provides Black Heritage colleagues with the opportunity to share their experiences of working and progressing at KPMG.

Our Partners have gained insight first-hand of the benefits of working with diverse teams in an inclusive environment. The cultural impact is evident with them becoming increasingly comfortable talking about race and taking specific actions to support our ambition to recruit, retain and develop Black Heritage talent. Our Black Heritage mentors benefit too they have told us that the increased exposure to senior leaders has provided them with increased confidence, broader internal networks and access to exciting development opportunities.

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