Application process

This is an important moment in your career. Show us you have the skills, aspirations and experience we're looking for and you'll discover a diverse community of bright minds at KPMG.

We’re committed to encouraging diversity at KPMG, so we've designed an application process to support everyone in showing us their best.

We've outlined what to expect below. If you have any special requirements for us to consider, please visit the 'Contact us' page. Any data you provide will be held in strict confidence. It’s used to help us make any necessary adjustments and allows us to track how successful we are in recruiting talented people, irrespective of difference.

One Year Business Placement and Vacation programmes

If you'd like to apply for a One Year Business Placement or Vacation programme, please see the 'Application process' page on the Graduate section of the site for details on the process.

Women in Deal Advisory, Women in Technology and Black Heritage Insight Programmes

Stage 1: Online Application Form
Your chance to tell us about your academic background and any work experience.  This should take about 30 minutes.

Stage 2: Situational Judgement Test
After submitting your application form, you’ll receive a link to a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) within one working day. We’ll ask you to consider hypothetical, challenging situations that you might encounter as a trainee with KPMG. You’ll have a choice of possible responses to each one.

The SJT takes around 30 minutes to complete. 

Stage 3: Online Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests
If you’re successful in your SJT, you will be asked to complete online verbal and numerical reasoning tests. Designed especially for KPMG, they look at your ability to analyse numerical and verbal data – skills that you’ll need on the job.

Each test will take around 20 minutes, so make sure you have enough time before you begin. 

Stage 4: Digital Submission
If you’re successful in the reasoning tests, you’ll be invited to a complete a digital submission in audio format. This 120 second audio submission is an opportunity for you to demonstrate both your communication skills and your motivation towards a career at KPMG.

In your digital submission, we will be assessing three of the KPMG global behavioural capabilities, ‘Makes an Impact’, ‘Seizes Business Opportunities’ and ‘Career Motivation’.

You will have three days to submit your recording, so please make sure you have time to complete this.

Stage 5: Analysis Exercise

If you’re successful with your digital submission, you’ll be invited to complete an analysis exercise. We’ll provide background information about a fictional organisation based on KPMG.
We’ll ask you to review complex information and present your recommendations in written form.
The Analysis Exercise is laptop-based and lasts around an hour.

KPMG Insight Day

We only have one stage for our KPMG Insight Days. This will consist of an online application form – This is your chance to tell us about your academic background and any work experience.  

This should take about 30 minutes.


We want to warn you that any companies offering to support you through the KPMG recruitment process are not supported or endorsed by us in any way. We advise that you do not use these channels.

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