International students


As an inclusive business built on the brightest diverse minds, we welcome international applications for our Vacation, Insight and One Year Business Placement programmes in the UK. But you’ll need to have the right to work in the UK. 

At present, if you have a qualifying student visa, there should be no problem with working on our Vacation, Insight or One Year Business Placement programmes provided you have working rights attached to it, there are no conditions attached to the visa restricting your undertaking the role on offer, and the visa will remain valid for the duration of the programme. If you have any other visa, your right to work will depend on the terms of your visa. You can find out more about working visas from Work in the UK - GOV.UK ( 

If you’re studying outside the UK, you’ll need to obtain your own right to work in the UK to undertake a placement with us and this will need to cover the full duration of the position for which you are applying as we are unable to offer sponsorship for Vacation, Insight or One Year Business Placement programmes. You will need to provide evidence of your right to work in the UK. 

Academic requirements

We expect everyone who joins us to have achieved certain academic standards. If you’ve studied overseas, you’ll need to have qualifications equivalent to our UK requirements. On your application form, you must state your qualifications as they were awarded to you - there is no need to tell us the UK equivalent, as we will be aware. 

If you would like to apply to a KPMG graduate programme with international qualifications, please use the links below to find out what you may need to include on your application form. 

Qualifications from Europe

Qualifications from outside of Europe

Do you have questions?

We realise working and studying overseas is a big decision to make. We’re sure you have questions about our process so we have answered some of the most obvious ones on our Frequently asked questions page. If there’s something we’ve forgotten, please let us know via the Contact us page, and for any immigration queries relating to your application please email

Immigration rules are subject to change and this information is correct as of 26 September 2023.

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