October is Black History Month in the UK - a time to recognise and celebrate the contribution and achievements of those with Black heritage.

Our vision is to ensure KPMG is a place where all our people can thrive and reach their full potential, whatever their ethnicity, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background.

Black History Month is an opportunity for us all to reflect and raise awareness of Black culture, heritage, achievements, and contributions by celebrating ‘Proud to be’ - the Black History Month theme for 2021.

For this year’s Black History Month, KPMG’s African and Caribbean Employee Network is hosting a series of virtual events for all colleagues focused on the significant contribution of Black people in the UK.

Beginning with an engaging welcome session kicking off this year’s theme ‘Proud to be’, throughout the month we will be spotlighting the achievements of our Black entrepreneurs. We will  host an event, in collaboration with The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation, focusing on  ESG and unconscious bias. We’ll also be collaborating with our Families Network and 'Breathe' our LGBT+ network on a number of sessions for colleagues.

We will continue our event series with our Proud to be: KPMG Black History Month 2021 Student Event, which is open to all university students. This event will feature a range of speakers and panel sessions and is taking place at 12:30pm on the 28 October 2021. More information and a registration link can be found here.

We are also hosting the Celebrating Black Heritage in Business and Accounting event later in the year in partnership with ICAEW and ten of the top accounting employers. This event will bring together leading employers and an exciting range of speakers, so you can listen to the people who made accountancy their future and learn what a positive impact it can make. Look out for further information on both these events on our Facebook page. 

At KPMG, we  embrace diverse perspectives and recognise the unique talents each member of our team contributes to our success. We’re working hard to increase the ethnic diversity of our teams through a number of initiatives, including our Black Lives Action Plan.  Through these, and our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity commitments, we aim to continue to build  an inclusive environment for all.  For more on our commitments to inclusion, diversity and equality, visit our Being Inclusive page.

Our Black Heritage Talent Insight Programme for university final year and graduate students will be opening later in the year, click here to find more.

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