What is KPMG Flex?

KPMG Flex is our new approach to Contractor recruitment. This initiative allows you to join a talent community based around specific skillsets, which in turn allows us to source and deploy opportunities more easily. These talent communities will also enable us to build a deeper and more informative relationship with you; in turn allowing us to support you gaining exposure to new areas.


What is the benefit of being in the talent pool?

Being a member of the KPMG Flex talent pool will enable us to consider you for all suitable engagement opportunities as soon as they arrive. Similarly, you will have sight of these new roles as soon as they are posted. Over time this will help you to grow your sector portfolio and skillsets.


What kind of opportunities can I expect?

KPMG has Contractor opportunities across the majority of our business areas, working with a wide variety of client needs covering a range of skill requirements. Visit kpmg.co.uk to find out more about our firm. 


How can I contract with KPMG?

The majority of our roles will be deemed inside of IR35, in these cases we will only offer PAYE/Umbrella company contracts for these.

Further information on the contract opportunities we offer can be found here


What is the onboarding timeline?

  • Application response [2 days]
  • Interviews [up to 5 days]
  • Screening [7-9 days]

This is subject to you responding to follow up questions in a timely manner.


What are the working hours like?

Our Contractor engagements will typically follow standard working hours; however they may be subject to a degree of flexibility. You will be able to discuss the specific hours and any flexibility required with the engagement manager in charge, to reach the best outcome for all parties.


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