During the recruitment process, we want to understand if your strengths and motivations are aligned with those required for success at KPMG. All candidates are assessed against our Leadership Principles: Deliver Impact, Seek Growth and Inspire Trust. These are the foundation of our high-performance culture and are applicable to all our people.

Our KPMG Competencies

Drive Quality

Delivers high quality products and exceptional service that provide value.

Drive Quality

Apply a Strategic Perspective

Uses diverse set of inputs to develop a broad perspective on business and people issues.

Apply A Strategic Perspective

Foster Innovation

Embraces a culture of innovation and experimentation to create value.

Foster Innovation

Build Collaborative Relationships

Connects with individuals, teams and organisations to build lasting, collaborative relationships.

Build Relationships

Develop and Motivate Others

Engages teams, instils confidence, and coaches people to find meaning in their work and achieve exceptional results.

Motivate Others

Demonstrate Self-awareness

Focuses on self-development and continuous learning, using insight to build capability and confidence.

Self Awareness

Make Sound Decisions

Exercises sound ethical and business judgement when making decisions.

Make Sound Decisions

Advance an Ethical Environment

Takes personal responsibility for the ethical environment of the firm and encourages others to do the same.

Advance An Ethical Environment

Champion Inclusion

Creates an environment in which all people feel like they belong.

Champion Inclusion

Search and apply

When assessing a role, you’ll need to consider your own strengths and motivations, and how these compare to our KPMG Competencies.

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Applying with a disability

Need support? Let us know. We are here to support you should you require any help, advice or adjustments.


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