Accounting Advisory and Assurance graduate programme

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Accounting Advisory and Assurance (AAA) provides both a broad range of accounting advice relating to major business transactions or transformations and assurance services over financial and non-financial information, processes and controls outside of financial statements. Projects will vary between those focussed on the application of technical accounting and those providing assurance services. Accounting focused projects may include accounting policy conversions and GAAP analysis, preparation of financial statements or carve out accounts, merger and acquisition activity, implementation support for new accounting standards, group restructurings and training. Assurance projects involve the provision of opinions over varied elements including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics, non-financial metrics, sector specific regulations, contractual compliance and grants. As a member of the team you will have the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams including Transaction Services, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Audit and Tax.

Our AAA Graduate Programme is designed to help you gain and refine business, accounting and assurance skills, as well as provide opportunities to deliver insight, challenge and high quality on various aspects of financial and non-financial functions. You'll be equipped with valuable technical skills, broad commercial understanding and in-depth knowledge of different industry sectors.

Dependent upon the regional office you join, you may be allocated to a specific industry sector or across a variety of industries - the companies we work with vary in size, complexity and maturity. Some travel may be required for work and because this work is seasonal, you can expect a greater workload at the busiest times of the year.

You are also likely to be given the opportunity to travel around the UK as part of the role and many of our graduates have had the opportunity to travel internationally for certain projects in recent years.

Like the companies we work with, we're having to adapt to new ways of working, virtualising the AAA experience where required and adjusting to new working patterns, physical adjustments in our offices and new ways of interacting with our colleagues as well as the organisations we work with - we are harnessing technology to help underpin this change.

Programme summary

Programme overview

Capability: Audit

Programme length: 3 years

Qualifications: ACA

Entry requirements

As a general rule, you'll be expected to have the following (*or equivalents)

  • Minimum Grade B GCSE* Maths
  • Minimum Grade B GCSE* English Language
  • Minimum of 300 UCAS* tariff points
  • Minimum 2:1 degree in any discipline

Please note that we only consider a candidate's top 3 A-Level grades and do not accept General Studies.

At KPMG, we look at more than just your academic results. We will review your application, together with your performance in our assessments, to ensure that you have the best opportunity to demonstrate your potential. We will be considering your strengths and achievements alongside a number of other metrics, including technical background and/or experience, to ensure that you have the skills to succeed at KPMG.

Key skills

Throughout the recruitment process we will be looking to learn more about your strengths.

To be successful on this programme, you will be required to demonstrate the strengths that we look for in our graduates at KPMG.

Learn more about what we look for and how to apply here.

Training and development

The training and development of our professionals is critical to the future success of our business, which is why our people are trained to become experts in their field and supported to study for a professional qualification.

The Intensive Programme is KPMG’s front-loaded, classroom-based ACA programme which focuses on upskilling trainees more quickly. This means that for the first circa 10 months of your training contract you will solely focus on passing 14 out of 15 ACA exams, and come into the business on two work experience placements. One is a structured, work experience placement in the busy season of your programme, and the second comes after you have completed your 14 exams.

This programme allows you to focus purely on your professional qualification in your first year. In the remaining two years of your training contract you can concentrate on building up a fantastic range of work experience (with only one exam left to complete) and will have the technical knowledge to apply within the workplace.

The entire programme is supported by a wide range of mechanisms that will be applied by your tuition provider or KPMG when you require them, but due to the varied pace of the programme you will need to be really dedicated in your approach to learning.

The three main training hubs for the Intensive Programme are London, Birmingham and Manchester. Regardless of the selected home office, you will be expected to re-locate to one area in order to dedicate the time to attend the programme for the first circa 10 months. 

You will be supported by KPMG’s dedicated Professional Qualification Training and Accreditation team whose focus is to ensure that trainees fulfil their potential.

The impact of Covid-19 on professional qualifications:

The vast majority of KPMG’s staff undertaking a professional qualification were able to continue with their studies and examinations following the COVID-19 pandemic, including those studying with the ICAEW and ICAS. We expect studies to be back to our usual mix of classroom and remote learning detailed above for our 2021 intake, and exams to be scheduled normally.

Additional important information

Due to the intensive nature of the programme, holiday dates are mandated during the initial 12 months of the programme to fit in with the study and exam schedule – with no exceptions. If you have undertaken or are in the process of completing a professional/accountancy qualification then you may not be eligible to apply, for more information click here. To review an example of an audited consolidated financial statement take a look at KPMG's published Annual Review.​

Case study

Audit graduate programme | London


After I finished my studies, I stayed on to work at my university for a year. I learnt that what I wanted from a job was varied experience, not the same thing over and over.

Everyone here is willing to meet you and talk, at any level of the business. I was interested in a department, and it was very easy to get to know the partners working there on a personal basis. There is a culture of approachability.

I’d been in the office for four months and I’d worked with different organisations. It’s everything I’d hoped for.

Read Mariana's story

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