Our People: Emily

Leader, Strategic Profitability Insight Team, Deal Advisory

Emily studied at Indiana University and received her MBA from the Kelley Business School. She interned with KPMG in Transaction Services during her MBA and then joined the firm full-time. She was based in KPMG’s Chicago office in the US where she joined the inaugural Strategic Profitability Insight (SPI) team. Two years ago she moved over to the UK firm’s London office to help launch the SPI offering in Europe.

“I joined KPMG because I really enjoyed my internship with the firm. People here are really smart and driven, but don’t take themselves too seriously. They are interested in you as a person, not just you as a professional. People enjoy their day-to-day.

“I think my career path is an example of how you can shape your career at KPMG member firms, and how the firms are committed to innovation. When I was in Chicago, I was part of a team creating Excel analyses and it was a really slow process. We asked if they could give us time to find a way to automate the process.

“KPMG agreed. We spent six months working on that project. We stepped back from client-facing work for that entire time. And in the end, our work paid off – now 60 people are part of a team that we created across member firms. Since then, I’ve moved to the UK to launch the tool and the team in Europe. It was a big step up for me in terms of responsibility – I was an Assistant Manager and I transitioned to managing an entire team.

“At KPMG, it’s not about ‘the way it’s always been done’.”

“What we do used to take a junior analyst a couple of weeks. Now, our process does it in two to three hours. It allows us to spend that additional time assessing the data and finding valuable insights.

“Part of the reason KPMG is ahead of the curve in terms of tech is that anyone who comes up with a macro or a quicker way of doing something is celebrated and rewarded. That recognition goes organisation-wide. It doesn’t just go to the more senior people. We have a team, called iLab, dedicated to pushing those innovative ideas forward. We even pair junior analysts up with private equity houses to foster networking and build relationships from the ground up.

“It’s really interesting work, and more fast-paced than parts of audit. It’s different, it’s fun, and it’s exciting. Usually we aren’t working with a client for more than six weeks at a time. We’re doing the same profitability analysis as before, but with more insight and a better output than ever.” 

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