Our People: Fangfang

Director, Investment Management Audit in London

Fangfang joined us in 2005, after completing her Bachelor’s in Economics and a Masters in Finance at the University of Nottingham. She has held a number of roles within KPMG, and today she is a Director in Investment Management Audit where she primarily works with large investment management groups and pension schemes.

“I found my way to KPMG through campus events. Having attended many events and heard from different prospective employers, I decided to go with KPMG. I had the right chemistry with the KPMG people I met. They were all warm and welcoming. To me, what was really important is that they are willing to share their real life stories with me, good ones and challenging ones. I was also very attracted by the opportunity to do a well-respected qualification in the business world as well as the access to a wide range of different functions within the firm. Here I am, 12 years on and not counting!

"It is not all about business here. Personal development is also important at KPMG. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first People Leaders in the firm. The role was challenging but rewarding. I was responsible for a department of over 125 people. I truly enjoyed working with people and for our people. I also had the opportunity to work with some very senior individuals in the firm and participate in some important firm level decisions. This experience is particularly beneficial after I was promoted to Director. Through this People Leader role, I was able to develop some soft skills, making myself ready for the next stage of my career. For me, it was a character defining role.

“I have worked in external audit for 12 years, but I also had the opportunity to work on a number of non-audit projects, such as secondment to clients' compliance and internal audit department, specific assurance engagement and regulatory advisory. My best 'out of box' experience is audit tenders. I don't remember how many audit tenders I have done but 2016 was definitely the busiest year so far. Every single audit tender has been an eye opening experience. In all of my audit tenders, I worked with the brightest people across different functions of the firm. We all worked toward the same goal and pushed for the best outcome. The feeling of pulling together and celebrating together is truly amazing.

“You’re able to be yourself here, so you can express your thoughts and ideas freely. You’ll get huge recognition for developing new things and improving processes, or going above and beyond. You will work with the best people and celebrate the success with them."

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