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Corporate Affairs is responsible for protecting and enhancing KPMG’s brand in the market with key stakeholders and opinion formers. The team ensures that KPMG has a clear position reflecting the firm’s core purpose and values on relevant economic and social issues and for making sure that its voice is heard on these matters.

Corporate Affairs comprises our public policy, corporate responsibility and our external affairs teams.

The Public Policy unit works across the firm to develop a point of view on the hard hitting agendas of today by developing innovative policy concepts to better shape our society and originating new opportunities with commercial implications for the firm and our clients.

Our Corporate Responsibility team run our corporate citizenship programme which is built on the conviction that, if we operate as a responsible business and use our skills in the right way, we can help tackle some of society’s biggest challenges. We co-sponsor The City Academy, Hackney, and the team runs a comprehensive schools programme nationally. Acting responsibly also extends to how we operate our business; for example we have an award winning approach to sustainable procurement and we make great efforts to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our External Affairs team provides an interface with the outside world, engaging on key issues for us as a firm together with those which have the potential to have an impact on our clients’ business. This team is responsible for monitoring developments across the political landscape and running programmes to engage with political stakeholders covering relevant regulatory, legislative or reputational challenges.

Over the last decade, KPMG in the UK has established itself as a clear leader in corporate citizenship, focussing on issues that are closely aligned with our firm’s values and are of real importance to our own business too. Much is centred on social mobility – an issue to which we have a long-standing and strong commitment, reflecting the fact that the UK is the least socially mobile country in Europe, together with our more business focussed ambition to ensure that we recruit and retain the best talent, regardless of background. But we also have a voice on wider issues: Britain and geopolitical trends (such as Brexit, the UK’s industrial strategy, devolution and trade), how business will operate in the future as technology drives the 4th Industrial Revolution, the evolving corporate governance agenda, and the role a responsible business can and should play in earning and maintaining public trust.

Our leaders take our public policy, external affairs and corporate responsibility agenda extremely seriously and are highly engaged on these issues. As a member of the Corporate Affairs team, you will be dealing with our Senior Partner, the Board, our Vice-Chairs and our Executive Committee helping to shape policy and ensure that the resulting programmes are implemented successfully.

To join our Corporate Affairs team, your networking skills and political ‘nous’ must be second to none and you must be expert in your chosen field. You’ll need an ability to think strategically, a strong understanding of policy and its formation plus be adept at developing and running multi-stakeholder initiatives, at both a strategic and implementation level. Strong interpersonal and presentational skills together with a proven ability to display tact and diplomacy are vital, as are adaptability given the political agenda can move rapidly.

If you want to join a team that makes a real difference to showing how a responsible business can lead the way in corporate citizenship and use that leadership position to help influence the wider debate then Corporate Affairs at KPMG in the UK might be for you.

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