As a graduate, you’ll gain a breadth of expertise and experience in Audit. A strong start to a successful career in business, Audit can equip you with valuable technical skills, broad commercial understanding and in-depth knowledge of one or more industry sectors and business as a whole.

Graduates joining the Audit Mandarin Programme will have the chance to gain work experience, whilst studying towards a valuable professional qualification, including potentially joining the Audit Response team, a special unit designed to mobilise resources at short notice. Dependent upon the office you join, you may be allocated to a specific industry sector or across a variety of industries - the companies we audit vary in size, complexity and maturity.

If you’re a Mandarin speaker, we can offer you an additional, unique opportunity. As part of the Audit Mandarin Graduate Programme, you'll have the chance to gain experience in the UK and work alongside KPMG in China after you qualify. With increasing importance to the global economy, companies and our business, KPMG has an established and successful member firm in China with 13 offices and more than 9,000 employees. It’s a chance to see how our diverse business works in practice. It takes all sorts of personalities, characters and perspectives to drive a successful business like ours. You’ll get to see this first hand as you take on an important role in KPMG China’s strategy, to further strengthen teams, relationships and local market position.

Some travel will be required for work and because audit is seasonal, you can expect a greater workload at the busiest times of the year.

Programme summary

Programme overview

Capability: Audit

Programme length: 3 years

Qualifications: ACA

Entry requirements

As a general rule, you’ll be expected to meet the following requirements (*or equivalents)

  • Minimum Grade B GCSE* Maths
  • Minimum Grade B GCSE* English Language
  • Minimum of 300 UCAS* tariff points
  • Minimum 2:1 degree in any discipline

In addition you will need to be

  • Fluent in both English and Mandarin
  • Able and willing to be based in either the UK or China once qualified, depending on the needs of the business. (You will initially be based in the UK for the duration of the 3 year Graduate Programme).

Please note, we only consider a candidate's 'top' 3 A-level grades and do not accept General Studies.

At KPMG, we look at more than just your academic results. We will review your application, together with your performance in our assessments, to ensure that you have the best opportunity to demonstrate your potential. We will be considering your strengths and achievements alongside a number of other metrics, including technical background and/or experience, to ensure that you have the skills to succeed at KPMG.

Key skills

Throughout the recruitment process we will be looking to learn more about your strengths.

To be successful on this programme, you will be required to demonstrate the strengths that we look for in our graduates at KPMG.

Learn more about what we look for and how to apply here.

Training and development

The training, development and regulation of our Audit professionals is critical to the future success of our business which is why our people are trained to become experts in their field and supported to study for a professional qualification.

The Empowered Programme is KPMG’s blended ACA product where the onus is on you to take ownership of your studies and help shape your learning. The programme uses innovative technology and is delivered via a blend of online classroom live and recorded courses plus in-centre classroom courses. It also has wrap-around support which consists of dedicated professional coaches, online portal content and live and recorded additional study sessions which means there is a form of support for your every need.

This blended approach enables you to study and learn the content at a pace suited to your learning style, but ensures all are at the right technical level prior to stepping into revision elements so you can focus on your exam technique before the exam.

The structure of the programme spreads the ACA examinations over the lifetime of the 3 year training contract so that you are able to build up your technical knowledge, and can gradually apply what you are learning in training to your workplace experience. You will be supported by KPMG’s dedicated Professional Qualification Training and Accreditation team whose focus is to ensure that each KPMG trainee fulfils their potential.

Additional important information

As well as being part of our wider programme, graduates joining Audit Mandarin will have the opportunity to:

  • Take on strategic projects alongside KPMG in China.
  • Develop a network of relationships amongst Chinese business communities
  • Gain a deeper insight into Chinese business practices
  • Get involved in business development initiatives relating to the Chinese market
  • Potentially join one of KPMG in China’s key offices at the end of your third year (once qualified) for a 6-12 month secondment
  • Benefit from training such as business Mandarin lessons and a short orientation programme to help prepare you to work with our Chinese colleagues, including an introduction to Chinese culture and working practices.

To review an example of an audited consolidated financial statement take a look at KPMG's published Annual Review.

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