Training & development

We believe that the success of our business rests with the quality and the expertise of our people and so the effective training we provide and our continuous learning culture is absolutely central to our business.

Our central UK Learning function will provide you with key learning opportunities to support you on your journey to reaching your full potential, such as; gaining specific accreditations, becoming professionally qualified and beyond. These learning opportunities will surpass the classroom, with learning every day and technology based training designed especially to enable your journey through your career.

KPMG promotes culture excellence and recognises the hard work you'll need to put into studying and the successful completion of your qualifications, which is why we have a dedicated Professional Qualification Training and Accreditation (PQA) team. The PQA team consists of a combination of experienced and specialist skilled operational managers, exam coaches and qualified colleagues. Their focus is to work with you throughout your training agreement supporting you to be successful in your exams and to reach your full potential. And as many of them have studied for the qualifications themselves, they'll understand exactly that kind of support you'll need.

In addition KPMG pay for all costs associated with attending courses for your first attempt at an exam and will reimburse you for all reasonable travel expenses if you have to attend a course a significant distance from your home office. We also pay for all fees levied by your chosen professional body.

On some of our Graduate programmes, we also offer different training paths either; Empowered or Intensive. All programmes take 3 years to complete; they just offer different routes to achieving success.

KPMG offers you a choice of qualifications, such as accreditations and professional qualifications, different training paths and associated training support – each dependent on the specific Graduate programme opportunity. You can explore the options in greater detail on the individual graduate web pages within “programme summary” – and choose your preference and what's right for you.

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